It’s in Jussy that you can meet Déborah and Patrick, a couple who are as symbiotic in their private lives as they are in their work. Their vines are mainly located in the village of Jussy and on their 12 hectares, they grow Riesling Silvaner, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Gamay, Garanoir and Merlot. As well as the vineyard, they have a direct sales shop that is open 7 days a week, with a vending machine that allows you to come and buy delicious products such as baskets of vegetables, asparagus, fruit, tomato sauces and homemade jams. It’s fair to say that for Déborah and Patrick, this business is a family affair: all eight of their grandparents were farmers! Together, they have developed fruit growing, asparagus cultivation and direct sales. They’re a couple who also know how to adapt to different situations and rethink their ideals when necessary. And always together.

They believe that patience, rigour and passion are the essential qualities a winegrower must possess. And they’re passionate about their work!

Déborah began her career at the Lullier School of Horticulture, then travelled for a time to Canada, the Bahamas and New York before working in Zürich in floriculture, before opting for the Lullier School of Engineering, in agronomy. She tells us, with a smile on her face, that she preferred to continue her studies in Geneva rather than in the German-speaking part of Switzerland after meeting Patrick.

Patrick, for his part, studied agriculture in Valais and obtained his first Federal Certificate of Competence. He went on to obtain a second CFC in viticulture. He didn’t stop there and went on to obtain his Brevet Fédéral. He has always been a winemaker at La Cave de Genève, as has his father. For him, La Cave perfectly represents cooperation and solidarity.

What Déborah loves most about her work is the pruning period. She sees it as a peaceful place where she can prune in complete tranquillity. She jokes that if the fog gets in the way, it’s even better, because no one will be able to see her. What she’s not so keen on is the administrative side of things. Patrick adds that the grape harvest is a wonderful opportunity for them to reap the fruits of their labour over the year. He also enjoys the variety of work, which changes with the seasons.

Sweet memories of childhood

For the anecdote, Patrick tells us that he didn’t appreciate vines at all when he was a child. It was even seen as a punishment when you had to go there. Little by little, however, he got to know her, to tame her and to love her deeply and sincerely.

Their hearts beat for…

When asked for their favourite, they were unanimous: the Clémence Cabernet Franc was the winner. With a good rib of beef, it’s a guaranteed treat! Chasselas and Pinot Blanc are also among their favourites.

As far as the future is concerned, their wish for their profession is for Geneva wines to be more widely recognised for their quality, but also for the people of Geneva to develop a real attachment to their beautiful vineyards.

Les vins de ce vigneron

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