To discover the extreme variety of its ranges and the different personalities of the wines vinified and bottled on site, La Cave de Genève invites you to come and visit us at our premises. But also at our shop in the Planète Charmilles shopping center.
Cellier Cave de Genève


Meet us in the cellar!

The Cellier de La Cave de Genève is the perfect place to organize your corporate events, staff meetings or festive family aperitifs!

Furthermore, starting in January, special events will take place in our cellar each month of the year! A golden opportunity to discover our world through activities rooted in our terroir and winemaking know-how. This year’s schedule of activities will be announced in early 2024!

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday
7:30AM to 6:30PM

Cellier de La Cave de Genève

Rue du Pré-Bouvier 30,
1242 Satigny


The fruit of our winemakers's labors in the heart of the city...

Need, or want, to find the perfect bottle to enjoy with your next meal?

Visit our arcade in the Planète Charmilles shopping center! Our team will be delighted to help you find the wine or wines that suit you best.

Opening hours:

Monday to Wednesday
9AM to 7PM

Thursday to Friday
9AM to 6:30PM

9AM to 6PM

Centre Commercial Planète Charmilles

Prom. de l’Europe 11,
1203 Genève


Winemaking process

Oenology is a complex and fascinating field, and for those who take an interest in it, it remains a real source of discovery and...

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The oenologists at La Cave de Genève choose French oak barrels, renowned for the quality of their wood and the way they are made.

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