Clémence Divico

Clémence Divico AOC Genève

17.90 CHF

This new grape variety, created in Switzerland and made official in 2013, offers character and voluptuousness. It derives from a cross between Gamaret and Bronner. With a rich and ample structure, this Clémence Divico reveals spicy notes of sustained intensity. When tasting, notes of black fruits such as black cherry come to the forefront, flavours that deliver spicy nuances. Its colour reveals all: an extremely intense red with purple reflections that catches the eye at first glance. This Divico seduces you with its roundness, its suppleness, its power and its beautifully expressive bouquet.

A little extra: This Clémence Divico gives pure pleasure to the senses when paired with charcuterie platters, grilled meats, cochonnaille, stewed dishes such as pot-au-feu and certain full-bodied cheeses.


Pairing notes

Pasta Bolognese
Pot au feu


3 years

Serving temperature

14 – 16°c

Grape variety

In wine-growing terms, the Divico is distinctive for its very strong resistance to the three principal grape diseases encountered in Switzerland (mildew, oidium and botrytis), making it possible for the wine-grower to avoid almost any phytosanitary treatment. In wine-tasting terms, its fruity flavours, freshness and smooth tannins make it a delightful variety.


Wine-making performed without the addition of sulphur. Traditional maturation in a steel vat.


A very intense colour with violet undertones.


Soft and fresh attack. A fresh, supple first impression. The mid-palate reveals smooth tannins, giving an impression of biting into the fruit. The finish is fresh and easy. A truly delectable wine!


A sustained intensity requiring a short aeration. A lovely aromatic palate dominated by black cherry and spicy notes.



17.90 CHF

75 CL bottle

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