L’Instant Rosé ass. Garanoir / Gamaret AOC Genève

Prix spécial du meilleur rosé "Best of country Switzerland" Concours World of rosé 2021
Rated 89/100 at the Falstaff Rosé Trophy 2024

from 14.90 CHF

Gamaret, the historic grape variety of Geneva, blends perfectly with the garanoir. On the nose, the red fruits of the former blend subtly with the grapefruit notes of the latter. A festival of summer aromas! On the palate, the wine is balanced between the freshness of the garanoir and the opulence of the gamaret. A true gourmet rosé that gives immediate pleasure. To be savoured well chilled! The little extra: it’s a wine that smells good on sunny days and that can be drunk well chilled, on the terrace with friends

Pairing notes

  • Aperitif
  • Grill
  • Asian dishes


3 years

Serving temperature


Grape variety

Garanoir and Gamaret AOC Genève
The freshness of Garanoir is perfectly balanced with the full-body and power of Gamaret.


Classic ageing


A clear colour with moderate intensity and pink undertones.


A supple, fresh first impression. A luscious mid-palate with great fruity intensity. A truly delightful rosé!


Moderate intensity with fruity notes. Refreshing citrus notes mingle with elegant red berry flavours.


2023 (75cl)

2023 (150cl)

from 14.90 CHF

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