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Geneva has been famous for millennia for the cultivation of its local wines that have become renowned AOCs. With nearly 1,500 hectares of cultivated vines, the town at Jet d’Eau knows a lot about wines. It asserts itself as the third largest wine-growing canton in the country. The wine-grower families who work with La Cave de Genève offer a wide collection of gourmet, light, intense, rare or ghoulish wines. Famous grape varieties rub shoulders with each other…

Région Entre Arve et Lac


On nearly 283 hectares, the area known as “between Arve and Lac” stretches from Cologny to Hermance and includes, to name a few, the hillsides of Meinier, Choulex and Jussy. Geographically, it opens to the east and forms a large triangle bordering the left bank of Lake Geneva that extends to the French border, on the side of Jussy. Offering exceptional panoramas of the Alps and the Salève, this terroir enjoys a microclimate. Under the influence of thermal currents from the Alps, it promotes the maturation of the clusters and the expression of aromas.

Région Mandement


With 820 hectares, the Mandement region is, on the right bank, the largest of Geneva’s three wine regions. Not far from the centre of Geneva, set saun in the satigny countryside, Switzerland’s largest wine-growing commune with 450 hectares. From Céligny to Dardagny, the terroir is mainly composed of ice moraines, with the exception of the Hills of the Rhône which have more recent alluvials. On the Peissy side, a molassic-type land predominates, giving the grapes power and delicacy.

Région Arve et Rhône


Composed of about twenty wine-growing communes, this terroir stretches from the banks of the Rhône to the foot of the Salève. The generosity of its soil is due to the prehistoric ice moraines that eroded Mont Blanc. Limestone, gravel, the land of this region gives the grapes grown in this region finesse and elegance.


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