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Wines, local produce, bed and breakfast – the Vulliez family have been passionately committed to developing their estate in Bourdigny for five generations. The “Vignolles” estate offers a wide range of Geneva terroir. Laurent has recently started selling directly from the farm. In tune with the times, father and son have an inexhaustible passion for farming, passed down from generation to generation.

From dairies to vineyards

Eighteen grape varieties are planted on 30 hectares of land between Mandement and Lully. Traditional grape varieties such as Chasselas and Gamay or specialities such as Sauvignons are grown with passion and tradition. Indeed, as far back as they can remember, there have always been vines in Bourdigny, even if at the time the hamlet was mainly made up of dairy farms. From the mid-1960s onwards, the dairy farms were closed one by one, giving way to a winegrowing policy for the whole of the commune of Satigny.

“We’d like to go there, and we go where it takes us, you do as you can do.”

When father and son talk about their trade, their words seem to be part of a form of Ramuzian stoicism. Indeed, as a winegrower, nature dictates the work, and acceptance is essential, Laurent says. The secret is to constantly adapt, not to take anything for granted, and to continue the story that unfolds over the seasons. Le secret est de s’adapter en permanence, de ne rien tenir pour acquis et de poursuivre l’histoire qui se déroule au fil des saisons. In the end, “It’s not the weather that’s the hardest part, it’s working with your father”, quips Laurent with a teasing, benevolent air.

“Being part of La Cave de Genève allows us to be in the vineyard more regularly, which is the driving force behind our passion.

Proud to be part of a group, Bernard and Laurent appreciate the many synergies between the winegrowers. “We’re all doing the same job to achieve the same goal,” explains Laurent. Over time, strong bonds and friendships have been forged, particularly during the grape harvest. We all get together happily over a glass of Chasselas Vieilles Vignes to share and celebrate the fruits of our labours. By taking care of marketing, the cooperative leaves us free to be as close to nature as possible.

Les vins de ce vigneron

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