The vine cycle

Subjected to the generosity of nature and the rhythm of the seasons, the exciting annual cycle of the vine develops according to a precise calendar.
Discover the six steps that make up it.


It is a very nice word that refers to the rest of the vines during the winter months: December, January and February. These are also used for work such as pruning, grinding of branches and old wood, and maintenance of equipment such as stakes and wires.


In early spring, weeps at the waist wounds at the end of the branches. These are the first signs of the sweet awakening of the vine. It is then said that “the vine weeps.” Then comes the bud break, which corresponds to the appearance of the first leaves outside the buds.


With the warming of the soil in March and April, the growth of twigs is rapid. At the same time, weeding, ploughing and necessary treatments are underway. Once the inflorescences are formed, the flowering will be in full swing in June. Only a small percentage of flowers will be fertilized, about 35, to become berries. This is called “knotting.” It is also the ideal season to continue a number of works such as paling, trimming or trimming.


In July, the growth cycle continues at its own pace. To the good care of the winemakers, the clusters grow and flourish under the sun. In August, the berries take on their first shades and gorge themselves with sugar. The plant and its twigs end their growth cycle and the bark turns brown. As the grapes ripen and continue to gain in sugar… The harvest is getting ready!


August and September are essential and crucial months in viticulture. The weather will determine to a large extent the quality of the wine to come and the date of future harvests.


In October and November, the leaves of the vines are covered with magical hues. Healthy foliage is essential for vines, which then begin to build up new reserves. The fall of the leaves in turn signals the end of an annual cycle. A new adventure begins, the next dormance is being prepared. Once its sap has descended, the vine begins its well-deserved vegetative rest.

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