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Cheers ! Here’s to Geneva –

You will find a slice of Geneva’s history behind the name of each of the wine brands. Clémence for great tasting moments. Trésor for today’s special event, or for all of them, always. Belles Filles to sing life’s pleasures. Baccarat to celebrate in style.


One of the most celebrated bells of St Peter’s cathedral. Since 1407 its 6,238 kilos have protected Geneva’s citizens from the devils’s thunder and other disasters. Today, a new Clémence rings in the arrival of 6 top quality grape varieties, in wines that are designed for very special occasions, to accompany you during unforgettable moments in your life.

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During the first century BC, in the Old Town in Geneva, waiting to be discovered under St Peter’s cathedral in 1984. Today, a new treasure, Trésor, is revealed: an original line of 6r quality wines, to taste and share with family and friends, to celebrate life’s finer moments.

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Belles Filles

In the heart of Geneva in the 15th century, was a quarter known for its free spirits, very popular with people passing through the city. La Cave de Genève’s new Belles Filles line shows beautiful robes for these 9 delicate and refined wines that can be appreciated when alone, with another or even in company for an aperitif as well as for meals.

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With the Baccarat line, which never fails to seduce lovers of bubbly wines. These 4 very popular sparkling wines, with their delicately small and persistent bubbles, are from grapes grown in Geneva, remarkable for their flavour. They add sparkle to all events, small and large, adding the perfect note to festivities throughout the year.

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Philippe Chevrier

This Swiss chef, covered in awards, in November 2006 launched his own line of wines, the result of a rich collaboration with Nicolas Bonnet and La Cave de Genève. Philippe Chevrier’s signature adorns 3 white wines and 2 reds that pair perfectly with the fine dishes from this great kitchen. These exceptional wines are 100% gravity-worked until they are pressed.

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Autres Vins

Carried from Gaul, up the Rhone river to the city they called Genua, vines that they planted in the region. These grew well, benefitting from the exceptionally good location between the Alps with their high peaks on one side and the Jura’s low mountains on the other. Geneva and its excellent wines are now on the world stage.

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The senses awakened

You’re now sitting with a glass of wine that asks of you only that you let it display its perfumes, aromas and their infinitely subtle range. Would you like to learn more about the best way to taste the wine? Do you feel that you’re ready to put into words the sensations and impressions that it is making on your senses? Our eyes, nose and mouth are the entryways for a large number of visual, olfactory and gustative parametres that let us analyze and appreciate the whole of a wine’s aromatic profile.