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The annual cycle of the vine, benefitting from Mother Nature and following the rhythm of the seasons, develops according to a precise calendar. Its 6 steps below.


A lovely word to describe the vine at rest during the winter months – December, January and February. During these months the grower carries out the following tasks: pruning, wood-chipping shoots and old wood, maintenance in the vineyard (posts, wires).

Bleeding of the vine – bud break

Early in the spring the first signs of the vine awakening appear: bleeding, where water rises through the vine and comes out through cuts made during pruning, appearing to bleed water. This is followed by bud break, when the first leaves surface from the buds.


The soil warms in March and April, encouraging the shoots to grow rapidly. At the same time, several tasks get underway in the vineyard: weeding, plowing and spray treatments. Once the inflorescence (cluster of flowerbuds), flowering is at full strength until June. Only a small percentage, about 35%, of flowers are fertilized and become berries – the phase known as fruit-setting. This is the perfect time for certain tasks such as tying up the vines, debudding, desuckering and treating the plants.


The growth cycle is at full strength by July. Under the careful eye of the growers, the bunches become larger and plumper thanks to the sun. By August the berries have taken on their first colour and are building up sugar. The plant and its shoots complete their growth cycle; the skin tans under the sun. Harvest preparations are underway while the grape ripens and continues to build its sugar content.


September and October are key months for grape growers. The weather plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the wine to be made, and the date of the upcoming harvests.

The end of the season

In October and November the leaves on the vines take on magnificent autumn colours. Healthy leaves are crucial for the vine, which at the same time starts to build new reserves. Falling leaves are a sign of the end of the annual cycle. A new adventure begins and preparations begin for the next dormant cycle. Once the sap drops, the vine begins its vegetative sleep.